Burkhardt Law

Martha Burkhardt was born in the Quad Cities, IL and moved to St. Louis when she was 5.  A St. Louis native, she attended Ursuline Academy in south St. Louis for high school.  She then attended Dominican University in Chicago on full scholarship, where she was extremely involved in student activities including being a Resident Assistant.

She has always been inspired by the concept that career should give back to society.  Ursuline’s motto was “Serviam,” meaning “To serve.” Dominican’s was “Caritas and Veritas,”  or “Compassion and Truth.” As a member of a family with a dedicated interest in the outdoors and the environment, she attended Mizzou’s law school expecting to go into environmental law and attended a summer internship at the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency.

After 3 years of law classes, she realized that she wanted to work with clients directly, using her educational inspiration as a guide, “To serve” with “compassion and truth.” Thus she transitioned into her own practice and focused on estate planning so that she could enjoy helping her clients and their families directly.

Ms. Burkhardt loves working with clients and carefully explaining the processes that she uses to help them every day.